What’s going to separate you from your competition?

Why should a customer choose you – and not one of your competitors?

Having the right brand identity will attract, engage and influence potential customers to do business with you.

A strong personal brand is not only about a logo or a website. It’s about the story you tell to help your customers. What your personal brand stands for and where it’s heading.

But a lot of entrepreneurs struggle to get their head around on how to create a strong personal brand. They know it’s super important for their business, but they don’t know where to start, what to do or what process to follow. They feel completely overwhelmed when it comes to building their personal brand identity.

Plus they have a logo and website already, so why taking the time out to create a better personal brand identity?

Because what I've seen many times is that you start setting up your website, appear everywhere on social media, go to every network event and have printed 500 business cards that get binned a few weeks later because they don't connect with your message or style of business. And they struggle with a 'What am I doing' crisis! They also think they need to do everything and be everywhere to be successful. But the problems is that we spread ourselves so thin, that we get exhausted and frustrated and end up with no money in the bank.

Also, you watch webinars, listen to a podcast and purchased many online courses, where you can only hear that you need to be doing more and more and more. It can be so overwhelming and can paralyse you completely. Both are not a good recipe for a powerful personal brand or business success.

My advice, get back to basics. Don't worry about your logo, website or FB ad. We need to create a strong foundation first, and then everything else will fall into place. So let's understand who are you, why are you doing what are you doing, your values and long term vision, who do you offer what and above all, what is the promise you make to your customer?

Once the brand foundation is laid out, it will become so much easier to make the right decisions about your business. You will be clear on what typeface or logo to use, what sort of colour is your specific colour range, your blog content, to the way you style your business and other brand touchpoints. So everything you customers see touches or hear is related to the same message.

But again the brand foundation is the first step to a successful business.
And what I know is that a lot of entrepreneurs don't know how to start on that brand foundation.
They confused and don't know how to eat the elephant.

Want to solve your personal brand identity puzzle?

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