Poor Style Choices: Here’s How to End Them

We like to think about “style” as what is trending at the moment. However, “style” actually goes far beyond what is on the cover of Vogue.  

Style is a form of personal branding – it is part of what makes you, you. Style is unique and something that people associate with your personality.

Maybe you recently saw someone else’s style that seemed more appealing to you. Perhaps you glanced in the mirror and didn’t like the outfits you saw anymore. Or, maybe you went through your closet and didn’t like the style that it portrayed.

Are you thinking that you might have poor style now? Don’t worry, we can help – and it’s a simple fix.

If it doesn’t feel right, forget it.

This can be challenging – there is a difference between feeling a little “off” because something is bold and feeling like it is just outright bad.

But when you know, you know. If something feels just totally outrageous and you have that unsettling feeling that people might look at you funny, then forget it. Trust your instinct, because it is probably right.

Rework items you already own.

Sometimes it isn’t necessarily that you have poor style choices overall. It just might be that the way you are currently styling an item does not work. Don’t be afraid to rework your closet. Even if you normally pair your favourite shirt with the same pair of pants, try pairing them with something else – you might find it is actually the better combination.

Evaluate: Is it your age?

Sometimes poor style choice isn’t necessarily that what you are wearing is out of style, but rather it just is not in style for you.

If it doesn’t flatter your body, then it isn’t a great style choice. You want to choose outfits that enhance your natural beauty, not hide it or dampen it.

Don’t be afraid to be bold.

Be bold. Be brave. Be beautiful. There is beauty in confidence. There is beauty in bold style choices. Try something new and have fun with it. 

Style is always a changing game. Don’t be afraid to re-evaluate, be bold, try something new and ask for a second opinion.

Always ensure you’re confident because confidence will always make an outfit look even better. And of course, never forget to make your style your own through it all!

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