If your brand suddenly didn't exist, would anyone miss it?

An outstanding brand leaves a big gap.

People always ask me for personal brand advice, and although I'm more than happy to help, the first mistake I still see now is that businesses and entrepreneurs don't really understand what a brand or branding is.

Let me clear this confusion up once and for all.

A brand is a thought and feeling, the emotions it evokes, the look, and the words it brings to mind when someone thinks or interacts with your brand or business in some way.
Let's say Beyonce... she gives you a particular feeling or emotion. By conveying the persona of a diva, the whole performance is out of this world. If we compare her performance with that of Ed Sheran, who is recognisable through his simplicity on and off the stage, you can discover the differences. Although they both work in the same field, they represent a perception that is entirely different. This means that they are no competition for each other.

A brand is the feeling made in people's heart and only exists in people's minds... We don't have any control over it.

So let's dive deeper into how you can make people choose you instead of your competition.

Branding is the vehicle that translates the brand real estate into something tangible.
It's about making connections between the two, so people's perception is developed as intended.
Everything you do to create your brand is called branding. From the clothes you wear, how you treat others or the way you speak about your product or service, to business cards, your logo and website or the product or services you provide.

Everything you bring together is touchpoints that ultimately build your brand in peoples mind.

Five secrets you need to use to create the basis of your compelling brand touchpoints which will then lead you to a successful brand:

Secret 1:
Create a clear message
It's essential to clarify your message so people can clearly understand what's in it for them. It should be clear what you ultimately do, offer and who you work with. That way you can attract the right customers or let them know that you can't help them solve their problem.

Secret 2:
Ideal Client

Make sure that you have a distinct understanding of your ideal clients.

  • Who is your client?
  • What are their problems or frustrations?
  • What are their aspirations, hopes or dreams?
    The better you know your ideal client, the more you will talk in their language. Wich will make them relate to you and your product or service.

Secret 3:
What is your unique value proposition
What is in it for them. Why should they care about your product or service? And why should they trust you to help them out? You need to state what their biggest frustration is. Even if they have more than one, be very clear, so they feel as though you talk to them individually.

Secret 4:

Once you have the previous Secrets all lined up. You need to nurture engagement through an emotional connection.
This means that you need to be responding on your social media platforms, your website, through phone or messenger or in person. Entertain, educate and inspire your audience so you can create a lasting relationship.
It's really important to ensure that people feel as if they're cared for.

Secret 5:
Cohesive visual branding

Creating a cohesive and clear visual branding across all platforms will make you stand out. Plus it will give a clear and professional message which can then reflect positively on your credibility.

Amazon Founder, Jeff Bezos, once said, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

What sets you apart from everyone else is... YOU!


So how can you create a compelling brand?

Think of how:

  • The perception of your brand is in your customers mind?
  • The experience is that you're creating for your customers?
  • Your brand is emotionally connecting to your customers.

Once you connect with their gut feeling, you will receive passionate followers who are the trademark of today's most successful brands.

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