How To Create Your Signature Look

Do you feel like your current wardrobe is an accurate reflection of who you are? When you get dressed in the morning, do you feel energised and inspired by what you’re wearing? Or do you feel bored and indifferent? The way you dress is an important part of your personal brand. Without a signature look, you won’t feel confident and you won't express yourself accordingly.  

  1. Define Your Style
    Style is simply an outward expression of how you feel on the inside. (1) To define your personal style, sit down with a notebook and write down things you love: books, colours, patterns, places, and even favourite celebrities, can serve as inspiration for your signature look. Once you've got a list, find pictures of clothing or outfits that match some of the things you wrote down. You’ll start to see a pattern emerge. Are you drawn towards feminine, floral styles? Do you prefer stripes over polka dots? Use this information as your guide for bringing your signature look to life.

  2. Evaluate Your Closet
    Now that you’ve defined your style, see if it matches what’s in your current wardrobe. Pull everything out of your closet and look at each item individually. Discard anything that doesn’t fit the vision you’ve established in your notebook. Keep an open mind, however, because many items can be repurposed to fit your signature style with the right accessories. (2) 

  3. Go Shopping
    With a clear idea of your defined style and a closet full of clothes to support that idea, you just need to supplement your wardrobe with a few necessary items. Look at your list and your closet and determine if there are specific colours, textures, or patterns you want to look for while you shop. Take some time to decide what to buy based on your daily activities. If you work in an office, your shopping list will look very different from that of someone who teaches preschool. With your list in hand, you can shop with confidence, knowing that your purchases will match your signature look.

Creating your signature look can take time. Don’t get discouraged, though. With a little effort, you can create a wardrobe that feels comfortable and helps you bring your best self wherever you go. Through this discovery process, you’ll find a style that feels like you, a structure for your closet, and a plan for your shopping list.

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