What Is the Purpose of a Logo and Why Does it Matter?

Take a minute to think about the logo of one of the biggest technology companies in the world right now: Apple.

What does their logo look like?

Is it memorable?

Would you recognise it in a bunch of different logos?

You were probably able to quickly describe the small, iconic apple that represents the company on every single one of their products. And then, you most likely answered "yes" to the next two questions. 

A logo is a brand identifier – you can think about it almost like the creative face of the company. Whether we realise it or not, a logo is what represents a brand and typically what we identify with that brand and their story.

What is the purpose of a logo?

Your logo helps your audience recognise, identify and select your business before anyone else’s and often in just one quick glance.

And by recognising your business, they are recognising your brand, your story, and your values.

For example, if there are three different black shirts hanging side-by-side, but one is made by Nike, one by Adidas and one by Under Armour, their logo on the shirt would be the only identifying factor to help a consumer separate one from the other.

Why does it matter?

This is your visual identity – it is a chance to show your personality, to brand yourself, and to demonstrate who you are to your audience in a creative way.

On the first impression, a great logo can interest a new customer in your product or service.

And later down the road in the consumer experience, a great logo can foster brand recognition and make a consumer more likely to seek out and continuously purchase your products or services.

It isn’t art. It's a strategy.

Your logo might not always remain the same as styles change, your brand changes and your target audience changes. But the critical thing to remember is that the design and placement of your logo should always be strategic.

But what is also very important to remember is the strategies, values, story and ethics behind the brand – those of your business.

When it comes to the consumer making a final purchase decision on similar products, they are going to look at your logo and consider who your business is and past experiences they have had with you and decide based on that.

Your logo is essential, and so is what lies behind it.  

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