Is this you?

You are an ambitious and creative business owner; you are AMAZING at what you do. And you know you could help MORE people with what you offer. 

You know that a strong personal brand could help you be SEEN as an expert and get you MORE CUSTOMERS, and PAID what you're worth - you've seen it in others.

But it seems like you've put so much effort into your business, and it feels like you've tried everything, but you don't seem to be getting the results that others are getting.

How is that even possible?

You've taken a big step and swam against the tide to start your own business because you're called to do what you love - help others. But you know it can get better (and believe me, it can!) But having a business can be challenging, and it seems like you're wasting so many hours a day for almost no financial return. 

The problem is that you're uniquely creative and an expert at what you do, but you haven't cracked the sales & marketing code for your business.

You've tried to get a handle on sales & marketing by looking at all the big guns in the field, and you've applied everything they've told you, like "be consistent" and "stand out," but:

  • Your social media isn't growing.
  • It feels like you're invisible online.
  • Your marketing efforts are barely bringing you customers.
  • And because of that, you feel really overwhelmed and lost. 
  • You know that without customers, you have no business.
  • And as a result, your bank account is starting to look very empty...
  • And you keep wondering, am I making enough money so I don't have to go back to my old work?

This program is by application only & spaces are limited!

Well, I think it's time to give you a real strategy, one that works, so you can finally build & scale your business with the power of a strong personal brand.

90% of creative businesses fail in the first 3 years.

And that's terrible. It's a shame that many people like you who have mastered their creative craft fail. Of course, you didn't become a jeweller, ceramist, photographer, graphic or product designer to do Excel spreadsheets or accounting (...). Nevertheless, the lack of a good sales & marketing strategy makes survival all the more difficult.

I'm here to help you build the business of your dreams with my tested and proven methods.

So far, you've done a great job. You've gathered all the information you could find on the subject. You've studied it all. But it looks like your method hasn't paid off, and we all know that your time is valuable and could be used much more efficiently if you would just make MONEY instead.

How easy would it be to know what works, why it works, and how you can apply it to your own business?

How cool would it be if you didn't have to waste time on something that might work? 

But instead, spend time on something that will get you the results you want.

You don't spend years trying to figure out what works, but you can change your thinking from "if it works" to "when it works".


This program is by application only & spaces are limited!

You don’t need years to make it work, you just need the right strategy.

And we’re not talking about what colour or font to pick.
That’s child’s play. You’re here to build a business, and this requires you to have the right strategy.

Is this also you?

  • You wonder how you can get paid your worth and demand the price you deserve without losing clients.
  • You wonder how you can create a steady flow of income and clients, so you never have to experience the cycle of feast and famine anymore.
  • You wonder how to get dream projects and high paying clients and how you can work on one project that gives you a ton of energy instead of working on ten projects at once.
  • You also wonder how you will get your free time back. You feel as if you're always working in and on your business. It feels as if you can't do the things that bring you joy anymore.
  • You wonder how you can get to the next level, double your income, double your free time or whatever it looks like for you.
  • You wonder what systems you need to put in place to create a clear structure, so it doesn't feel all over the place all the time.
    You wonder how you can set up your business for financial success and long-term wealth.
  • You wonder how to feel calmer and more peaceful while running your business.
  • And, you wonder how to set boundaries with clients, so they respect your time and expertise.

What if you ...

know the exact steps you need to take to build & scale your business, one where you only work within your zone of genius. So you can have more time, more money, and more freedom.

Go from being a generalist to a specialist

Get clear on what makes you and your business unique and why your soulmate clients buy from you and not someone else. 

Create your magical business

Become the boss in your own life, discover the system I've used to grow and scale and only attract clients who say. "You're the expert. I'll gladly pay you what you ask."
Too good to be true? It's entirely possible!

Find your unique place in the marketplace

Stop trying to please everyone and offer everything, and start becoming an expert at something and attract those high-paying soulmate clients one by one.

Design the right solution to their problem

Give your ideal clients the answer to their problem that they desperately need. Let's take a look at how you can transform your ideal clients in the fastest way possible. All while you're creating a product that brings you more freedom and more profits.

Captivate soulmate clients with ease

Captivate soulmate clients with ease.
Get crystal clear about your niche and create the package you offer your ideal clients - you know it's profitable, and you know how to communicate it clearly to your ideal clients—no more guesswork. Your business strategy will get you the results you want!

Sell without selling, convert easily

And now that you've made an effort to get your ideal clients to the point where they're ready to buy, it's time to dive in and close the deal.
If you use these methods, you'll likely find that your customers will close the deal for you. And be prepared to sell your programmes or services MONTHS up front!



Helping creative service providers, who struggle to ask their worth, attract high paying clients with ease to make consistent five-figure months with the power of a personal brand.


Get more time, more money, and more freedom.

I'm here to help you build & scale your creative service business. So you can become a master at Marketing & Sales with the power of a personal brand. 

You will never have to compare yourself with the gurus ever again. You will stand out as a leader in your field because you will combine your right creative brain with your left business brain to reach your target income over and over again.

It will take you from trying to figure it out as you go, feeling like you're putting hours of effort for little results to showing up as a personal brand confidently knowing the actions you take will help you grow your audience + sell out your offer for months in advance!

Picture this?

You are part of an intimate group with people who are just like you... creative service providers.

You will feel supported by each other and will be inspired to take massive action.

Now, imagine having a crystal clear idea of the following steps you need to take in your business strategy, marketing & sales.

And now think of having your work-life balance carved out so much better than you ever expected.

How does that look like?

  • Working 5 hours a day

  • Or working 3 days a weeks

  • Maybe you take half of the year off

  • Or want to earn $5K, $10k, $20k, or more a month?

  • You only work within your zone of genius

  • No more endless email replies or boring spreadsheets crunching the numbers

  • Feeling secure with a savings account that has more money than you know what to do with

  • Attracting delightful projects with even more delightful clients, experience total clarity, inner peace and stress-free days

  • Or maybe you just want to take time out of your working day to treat yourself to a massage or a walk on the beach?

What's included?

  • you will receive weekly up to 2 hours intimate group coaching calls

  • which will be focussed on strategy and transformation

  • entry to a hub where you will find all the training videos, call recordings, tutorials, worksheets and all the other recourses you can use

  • a secret podcast feed

  • you'll get access to an exclusive Facebook group:

  • where you will meet your fellow peers

  • where you will become life long friends, I promise

  • where you can ask all your questions

  • you will have all the lessons in audio too, so you can learn while you walk, bike or do the dishes because when you are at your desk, I want you to do the work.

This program is by application only & spaces are limited!

But who am I to teach you this?

If we don't know each other already, hi, I'm Greet Recoules

  • Founder of Greet Your Brand, a design consultancy agency specialised in personal brand identities.
  • I'm a true creative who is inspired by beautiful design but had to learn how to build & scale a profitable business (they don't teach you that at design school).
  • Someone who is inspired by helping ambitious creatives empower themselves.
  • With over 25 years of experience in personal branding, I've worked with over 500 companies. This includes Saatchi & Saatchi and some of the world's biggest brands like Coca-Cola, Adidas, Miele, Unilever, Procter & Gamble.
  • That means, you'll get an expert using strategies from world-leading brands to help your business grow.
  • A background in graphic design, advertising, digital media, fashion and visual communication means I can help you with all aspects of your personal branding, and I know the practicalities of implementing changes into your business.
  • I've started and run several of my own businesses, so I understand where you're coming from and what it's like running a demanding business.
  • With experience lecturing at the university level, I'll confidently teach and coach you through the process of rebranding.
  • As the holder of a Masters Degree with First Class Honours in Communication, rest assured your marketing is in good hands.
  • I'm also invited by the State Government of Queensland to be part of their Mentoring for Growth Program.

In short

It's 25 years plus of working in sales & marketing for global brands. It's helping over 230 people worldwide develop personal brands. And using the same formula to help ambitious creatives link their creative right brain with their left business brain to build & scale their business to give them the freedom, time, wealth & fun they always wanted.

But let's see what others have to say about this...

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Sharon Styman

“Already this is showing up in terms of new clients… in fact, has paid for itself…

I knew that I needed to get clear with my message to better connect with my target market, but felt confused about how to attack that. I knew after my first meeting with Greet that she was the person I needed to connect with, to help me clarify my personal brand.

I now feel so confident, aligned, empowered and can talk directly to my ideal client with a crystal clear message. Highly recommend her program... it's life-changing.

Placeholder Image

Ali Edgar

As a marketer and creative, I had designed my own business but it felt not right. I knew something had to change but wasn’t sure where to start, because like a lot of entrepreneurs my head was too “in” my business. 

That’s when I met Greet. She took me through a comprehensive process and asked me a lot of questions that helped me to refocus on what I wanted to achieve and who I wanted to work with.

I’m amazed at how good I feel after the program: refreshed, renewed, re-energised (all the “re’s” – ha ha!). Seriously, changing up the way I feel about my business has positively impacted it, and me, in ways I never imagined possible. I’m going to continue to work with Greet, can’t wait! 

So if this is you?

You don't market yourself enough, you don't follow up on leads, and you push yourself to the edge because you don't know how to grow sustainably.

You've been stuck on a certain income for years because you can't seem to stop trading time for money.

You're not charging enough and find it a struggle to follow up on money.

You're invested in many courses, but you never finish them, OR you're doing one course after the other but without successful results.

You're a perfectionist, and therefore, you procrastinate and sabotage your growth out of fear of failure.

You avoid boosting your marketing and sales for your product and service because you fear that you will not attract anyone.

Don't you think it’s time to…

Ask for help and realise your full potential?

Because it's not a myth,
you can build a successful business with the right strategy in place!

Okay... what is TBI all about?!

Thriving Business Intensive follows a 3-step proven business, sales & marketing strategy based on REAL experience, expertise & tested methods.

No fluff, no BS.

Build Strong Business Foundations

Stop guessing... Get clear on your specific niche, business and your offer and with that, I mean an offer that will attract & sell to your ideal clients. You will be crystal clear on how to price your product or service the right way and how to clearly communicate your offer to the right people. And to top it off, you will be memorable & stand out with a strong brand!

Become Visible & Attract Clients Like Wildfire

Get visible on Social Media and become a lead generation machine! You will be growing a supportive audience that is promoting you to everyone who wants to hear. You know exactly what content to post to get the results you are looking for! And you grow because of that, all while your DMs are filling up with applications to work with you!

Turn Followers Into High Paying Clients With Ease

It's time to sell your offer without feeling sleazy. Learn how your ideal clients will see you as a leader in your field. You will be able to turn a captivated audience into clients with success. Plus, you will be booking easy out your services months in advance.

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What is included?

  • You will receive weekly up to 2-hour intimate group coaching calls
  • Which will be focussed on strategy and transformation
  • Entry to a hub where you will find all the training videos, call recordings, tutorials, worksheets and all the other resources you can use
  • A secret podcast feed
  • You'll get access to an exclusive Facebook group where:
  • where you will meet your fellow peers 
  • where you will become lifelong friends, I promise 
  • where you can ask all your questions
  • you will have all the lessons in audio, so you can learn while you walk, bike or do the dishes
  • because when you are at your desk, I want you to do the work

This program is by application only & spaces are limited!

But how is it possible that your formula is working every time? 
Is there a secret sauce?!

No secret sauce, just a great strategy.
But let's see what others have to say about this...

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Robin Jerome - CEO

Greet followed a clear process to understand our business. She quickly, efficiently and economically provided a superb solution to the problem she had been tasked with. Couldn't possibly have reached the outcome we did without her extensive knowledge, patience and passion. We will continue to work with Greet and highly recommend her.

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Bec Lawson

“You won’t regret the investment on your business… Greet is super knowledgeable and helpful. She goes above and beyond to ensure that her clients have their brand placed perfectly for their market and their needs and will do whatever it takes to get you there. I highly recommend her and her program. You won’t regret the investment on your business.”

Ok, but will it work for me?
Is it easy to follow & implement?

Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

know this is possible because I had to learn the business side all myself... I struggled for years with the same problem.


I worked for years in influential advertising agencies, but you never have to think of the business side of things... because clients come to me, and I just had to do my magic.

But then I started to freelance, which was a completely different game—all of a sudden, I had to combine the creative side with the business side. And I tell you, I lost so much time and money in the process of learning.

That's why I created this program so you can take a short cut to 6-figure success!!

Imagine what you could achieve with my entire framework!

No more secrets; I reveal everything


"But I don't need another course. I need to know what I do wrong!"

I get you! And let me tell you, this is definitely not another course. Thriving Business Intensive will be a completely transformational experience for you and your business, and will I dare say your life will never be the same again.

But who is it for exactly?


It's for you if…

You're an ambitious creative such as a photographer, graphic and brand designer, artisanal craftsperson, fashion and interior designer, web designer or developer, copywriter, videographer, virtual assistant, jeweller, ceramist,...

... but also if you're a creative coach, a creative service-based business owner (side hustlers or wannabe), or a creative course creator.

You have a service-based business and haven't reached your target income yet.

You know what lights you up, but you feel your offer is not clearly packaged!

You do your creative work on the side, but you haven't been able to quit your day job yet. You need more visibility and more clients! 

"This sounds all amazing, but I don't have the funds…"

I hear you!! But you can't see the Thriving Business Intensive as a cost; it's an investment.
Meaning you will see your money back and even more if you follow the framework and put the work in!

This program is by application only & spaces are limited!

But let's see what others have to say about this...

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Ruth Oliver

Greet has put a huge amount of thought and creativity into the process she uses to bring out everything she needs to know about you and your business in order to nail your personal brand.

Greet took me through a process that not only enabled me to define my personal brand but gave me enormous insight into exactly what my offer is and how I can help my ideal client.

I highly recommend Greet. She is kind, generous and extremely talented.

Placeholder Image

Emily Armstrong

This was an AWESOME program, Greet. 

Her authenticity is so infectious. I feel super focused and confident about growing my business the right way now. 

I would highly HIGHLY recommend Greet's program. It will change your business and life.

You know you might be an expert at what you do, but you haven't cracked the Marketing & Sales code for your Business yet.

Or you're a creative visionary, but you can't seem to figure out how you can charge what you are worth. And let me tell you that your struggle is not because you're not great at what you do

For instance, I get many ambitious creatives who come to me, and let me tell you, they're super excited and motivated about what they're doing, but they have a tough time focusing. 

The problem is that they need to marry The Head And The Heart.

You need:

  • direction & vision
  • business & marketing knowledge
  • understand their numbers 
  • undervalue & undersell 
  • You will need to work ON your Business

I want you to be able to... think big and create a future vision. 

But to become a successful jeweller, ceramicist, interior designer, illustrator, stationery designer… you will need much more than just creativity.

Every day I see creatives who struggle because they spend most of their time on the creative side of their business and too little time on creating a business. That's one of the key reasons small creative businesses fail. 

You're passionate about the making-part, heard of people who have made it their living, and want to have a go-to. But approaching this from an amateur's point of view is very different from that of a professional creative. 

But you need to be a strategic thinker and work on your business's future and the fundamentals such as systems, growth, workspace, branding, and relationships.


You will need to plan and prioritise, know how to get from A to B.

You will need to work with a purpose, have a plan in place of what you want to achieve, and stay on track.

Often, creatives are good at either thinking big OR working on detail. Architects are known for their vision but struggle with the detail. Jewellers are very good with detail but often find creating a vision or big plan hard. A person can rarely do both.

You need a connection between your strategy and day-to-day actions. You need to connect your future vision with what you are doing. And on top of that, you've got loads of ideas, but you don't know how to sell them successfully.

How easy would it be to know what works, why it works, and how to apply it for your own Business?

How cool it would be if you didn't have to waste time on something that may work.

But instead, spend time on something that will give you the results you're after.

You're not spending years and years trying to figure out what works, but you can change your thinking from "if it works" to "when it works."

Because this is the program for ambitious creatives, who want to make money!

This program is by application only & spaces are limited! 

This is what you need!

Combining your creative & technical skills with a strategic overview and future vision and having a clear direction and accountability makes a creative business successful. 

That's why I made Thriving Business Intensive, the program for creatives who want to succeed. It helps you to look at your Big Picture and turn all your ideas into reality.

It helps with looking at ALL aspects of your business, from planning and finance to creation and marketing. 

That's what this program is all about. 
Minimum effort, maximum impact!"

So you can have more time, more money, and more freedom.

My real passion is teaching

And during the pandemic, I coached for the first time a group of creative professionals via Zoom and helped them to attract and convert high paying clients while building a powerful personal brand. And how did their business grew! It's the most satisfying thing I've done so far in my career, and it brought me so much contentment to hear all the fantastic results.


went from working day and night to make ends meet to quadruple her income. Most importantly, she gained her freedom back to enjoy dinner with family and friends without worrying about the cost, all while being solidly booked out two months ahead.


business doubled, and he had to hire three more people to keep up with the demand. He has now opened a second office in another city, something he always wanted.


went from struggling to get her message out there to become a leader in her field. She set up a worldwide network that is attracting world changemakers with constantly sold out tickets.

I get asked all the time to something like that again. And that's why I created the Thriving Business Intensive. I'm so excited to bring this to life and would love to have you on board as well!

This program is by application only & spaces are limited!

Improving lives

For every product or service purchased, helps with the education of an orphaned child in need.



 With our partner Mirror Of Hope, we have provided education to orphaned children. The children are based in Kibera, the biggest slum in Africa and one of the biggest in the world.

75% of the population of Kibera are under the age of 18, and 100,000 of these children are living in orphanages or are homeless and end up as street children. They lost their loved ones through HIV/AIDS which has a devastating effect on their future.

This is where we believe our Sponsorship Program makes a huge difference. We facilitate sponsorships required to keep our students in school so that one day they can complete their educations, obtain a well-paying job and break free from the cycle of poverty.

All students are taught through the program give back to the community as part of their sponsorship; they do six months of community service after they have completed high school. 100% of your sponsorship goes to high school fees, textbooks, stationery, boarding fees, uniforms, food, housing, tuition and transport costs. Nothing gets lost to admin fees.

Therefore every purchase has a happy ending.

And finally, let's see what others have to say...

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Glenn Young

"We got clarity on our vision, mission and points of difference."

We knew we needed to have a look at our messaging because we felt there was a disconnect. The big question we had: what are we saying to our clients, and how we can make that more consistent?

After attempting this internally, we realised we needed some expert guidance, and we came across Greet. After working with her, we now have clarity on our business and are consistent in our key messaging, both internally and externally.

Better still, we now know what it is that differentiates us in a competitive space – it's this that we use to guide our strategy and decisions across all areas of our business.

Although you may think that working with Greet is focused on personal branding, expect some unexpected outcomes. What we got was clarity on our vision, mission, value, and points of difference; knowing as a team who we are, what we do and why we are the best in the market."

Placeholder Image

Jo Allender

Initially, we were just looking for a freshen up for our website and colours… that was until we had our first meeting with Greet.

Talking to her made us realise how much more aligned we could be with our business through a rebrand into a personal brand.

From working with her, our business is more aligned with consistent messaging to attract more of the right clients. We also got really clear on how to structure our services and offers.

If you’re considering working with Greet, do it! Even just having a brainstorming session with her is a great way to start. Sometimes you need someone else to look at your business with fresh eyes, so why not work with a creative genius?