Take your business (and yourself) to the next level

Instantly show your true value with a personal brand and style that grows your business and your profits


You’re a successful creative entrepreneur

You’ve worked hard on your business and built it up and you’re SO ready to reach more of the right clients, to change up your offer, and to make more money from your business. But something’s holding you back. And it’s something that keeps too many creative entrepreneurs like you stuck.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Feeling like you can’t charge what you’re really worth

  • Attracting the wrong clients who feel like hard work (ick!)

  • Questioning your value and getting into self-doubt

  • Wanting to make more money in your business but never quite reaching your goal

  • Changing your marketing and messaging with no real impact

If you’re still with me, it’s because you know something’s wrong but you’re not quite sure what it is.

Here’s a hint: think of Mercedes. Now think of Toyota.

So what is the real problem?

It’s the two things that instantly communicate your value and set the tone for your marketing – brand and style.

This is a problem I help you to fix.

Here’s how

(hint: branding and stylist services):

Picture yourself with a brand and style that makes you feel proud and worth every cent. All those warm and tingly feelings you’ll get when you think about your business… that’s what happens when you work with me.

Let’s make you even more successful

Picture this: knowing you’re deliberately delivering magic every time the right clients see you and your brand… Creating feelings that instantly mark you as a high value, high price point entrepreneur that the right clients want to choose.

That’s what the right brand and style does for you. It oozes confidence and energy, and it’s magnetic.

Working with me you can choose either high-impact branding and styling through small group online learning with support from yours truly, or let’s work together on the ultimate 1 on 1 branding or styling experience (exciting!):

How can I help you?

Get your brand and style perfectly tailored to your individual life and personal style. Feel confident and be inspired every day. Your life isn't the same as everyone's else, so why should your brand and style be?

I’m amazed at how good I feel after the rebrand: refreshed, renewed, re-energised...

As a marketer and creative I had designed my own brand and then rebranded again during the life of my business. I knew something had to change but wasn’t sure where to start, because like a lot of entrepreneurs my head was too “in” my business. 

That’s when I met Greet. She took me through a comprehensive rebrand process and asked me a lot of questions that helped me to refocus on what I wanted to achieve and who I wanted to work with.
I’m amazed at how good I feel after the rebrand: refreshed, renewed, re-energised (all the “re’s” – ha ha!). Seriously, changing up the way I feel about my business has positively impacted it, and me, in ways I never imagined possible. I’m going to work with Greet on personal style next, can’t wait!


...waking up every day feeling good about your business and the way you look. If you feel high value, your ideal clients will know your value in that first moment they see you and your brand.

Meet Greet

You’re here because you want to make more money from your business. You’re in the right place because I know how: feel good about your brand and style to instantly show your value. 

With over 25 years experience working in branding, design and style, I’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands (think Coca-Cola, Adidas and Miele). Now I work with creative entrepreneurs like you to take you and your business to the next level.

Working with me you get a choice of online learning or 1-on-1 services, focusing on creating magic with your branding, personal style, or both. That magic we create not only gives you those lovely warm fuzzy feelings, but also magnetically attracts more of the right high paying clients.

Better still, more clients that pay you what you’re worth because they’ll be able to tell from a single glance how valuable you are.

Choosing the right branding and styling expert is an important decision because of the value it gives you and your business. So to find out more about me and whether we’re a match to work together, get access to Greet's 3-part Video Series "The secrets of a successful personal brand makeover"

Let’s create magic!
Greet x

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“The secrets of a successful personal brand makeover”

Hey there, join me, Greet, as I've got this wonderful 3-part video series that will give you the transformation you need to get clarity around your personal brand.

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"The secrets of a successful brand makeover"

Hey there, join me, Greet, as I've got this wonderful 3-part video series that will give you the transformation you need to get clarity around your brand.

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